Jessica DeWeese

Jessica DeWeese

School Director

Shelene Taylor

Shelene Taylor


Charlotte O'Shea

Charlotte O’Shea

Advisory Board and COO

We are a multi-faceted and diverse group of experts in the massage industry, with decades of experience, that are dedicated to providing our students with a solid foundation and a pathway with which to begin a new exciting and fulfilling career.

Our students receive genuine support and caring from our staff during their journey through our program and after graduation. We have a roster of businesses that are looking to hire licensed therapists now, including our founders nine locations. Each of our graduates receive eight hours of free CE’s to be used in the first year of their careers.

We chose the name Valori as daily we see the value and worth of the massage therapy industry to the world.



  1. to be worth as much as
  2. to be valuable
  3. to be valid

Our Founder

Shelene Taylor became a massage therapist in 1986 and discovered the passion that would become her life’s work
Massage Therapy the most rewarding career for those that love
to bring positive change and well-being to others.

During her career she has:

  • Served on Arizona’s AMTA board as President, Vice President, Newsletter Editor and more.
  • Served on the National AMTA board as a committee chair.
  • Received the Meritorious award from AMTA.
  • Wrote business articles for Massage Magazine.
  • Created business programs for massage therapists and traveled the country teaching and speaking.
  • Provided business coaching to select massage business owners.
  • Consulted with some large California spas, bringing them to breakeven then profitability within a few months.
  • Wrote Massage Business Success, Smart Scheduling Strategies eBook, Holistic Marketing Mastery Workbook and created the Volume Productivity Calculator.
  • Her clinics and spas have won a number of awards.
  • Shelene was honored by receiving the Distinguished Citizens Award for her work with Angel Charity for Children in 2018, and served as General Chair of Angel in 2015.

Today she oversees her nine clinics and has a new passion, to ensure that the students
of Valori Institute of Massage are provided with an undeniably solid foundation of hands-on skillset and quality
education. We will bring out your unique brilliance in bodywork and support you through your educational program
in becoming a massage therapist.

Shelene on Stage
Shelene at Book Expo
Shelene on Horse

How Bright does your Future look?