We are excited to support you in receiving your massage certificate and begin your new career!

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Admission Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years old and provide a Driver’s license, or other picture ID.
  • Provide a copy of your high school diploma or GED to be accepted for enrollment.
  • Applicants must be of good moral character.
  • Be in good health and physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of performing massage therapy.
  • Applicants must be fully able to participate in required classroom activities, including giving and receiving massage and/or bodywork treatments at all times.
  • A non-refundable $50 registration fee is required.
  • Complete the Application for Admission.
  • Once accepted complete and sign Enrollment Contract.
  • Consent to a background check.
  • Be able to take exams and tests in English, if it’s your second language.

Requirements for Receiving a License for the State of Arizona

The following requirements set forth by the Arizona Revised Statute R.S. § 32-4222 Qualifications for Licensure:

An applicant for a license as a massage therapist shall:

  • As of January 2023, Arizona therapists are now required to possess a level one clearance card.
  • Within five years preceding the date of the application, not have been convicted of:
    1. A class 1, 2 or 3 felony.
    2. A class 4, 5 or 6 felony offense involving moral turpitude that has a reasonable relationship to the practice of massage therapy.
    3. A misdemeanor involving prostitution or solicitation or other similar offense involving moral turpitude that has a reasonable relationship to the practice of massage therapy.
  • Within the past five years, not have voluntarily surrendered a license under section 32-4254 or not have had a license to practice massage therapy or another similar license revoked by a political subdivision of this state or a regulatory agency in another jurisdiction in the United States for an act that occurred in that jurisdiction and that would be subject to discipline pursuant to this chapter.
  • Provide a passport quality photo.
  • Evidence of U.S. Citizenship or other, check Arizona Massage Therapy website.
  • Proof of Arizona residency.
  • Applicants must complete an Arizona Statement of Citizenship or provide Alien Status for State Public Benefits
  • Applicants must provide evidence of U.S. Citizenship, U.S. National status, or Alien status
  • Applicants must provide Social Security card

Application Form