Introduction To Deep Tissues

Introduction To Deep Tissues

Using Effective Deep Tissue Techniques to Relieve Common Complaints Throughout the Body
Instructor: Matt Jones, MT, DC – NCBTMB Approved CE Provider

This 4-hour course will introduce basic Deep Tissue techniques that can easily be applied to every day client complaints. We will review the various muscles involved in common sites pain and restriction, along with discussing indications and contraindications. Proper body mechanics will be demonstrated and reinforced, as maintaining consistent pressure requires steady therapist positioning. We will also address the importance of touch sensitivity and applying appropriate pressure that will leave your clients with improved mobility and feeling more relaxed.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to prepare the client for Deep Tissue, including addressing any potential misinformation and concerns. The start of any massage is a vital part of your first impression.
  • Deep Tissue techniques for the back and neck. Many people experience a great deal of tension in the back and neck regions, which will often be an area of focus for your clients.
  • Deep Tissue techniques for the gluteals, legs, and feet, combining deep and relaxing methods to alleviate pain and limitation.
  • Deep Tissue techniques for the chest, arms, and hands, utilizing effective techniques to relax taut muscles in these regions.

Whether you are a new massage therapist seeking to expand your skill set or a seasoned veteran to Deep Tissue work, this class will offer something usable and practical for immediate use. The focus will be on hands-on practice, as that is the best way to learn and gather informed feedback. Class participants should be prepared to disrobe. Please bring your readiness and excitement so we can enjoy the healing benefits of Deep Tissue therapeutic massage together!